5 Essential Products You Can Buy Online For More Than 50% Off!

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Make up can be very expensive and who doesn't love saving a few dollars here and there?

I recently discovered www.orabel.ca and I fell in love!

My favorite part about it as a beauty addict living in Canada? Buying Morphe and other  products without the insane shipping prices!

Don't get me wrong, I still love me some high- end products, but when the product is the same (or even better) then I am going for the more affordable one for sure! 

I have tried all the products below and I can tell you confidently, that they are pretty much the same!

Save yourself a few dollars sister and looked glammed while your bank account rises! I included all the links so you can directly add them to your cart :) #HappyShopping

1. Blush

2. Bronzer & Highlighter

3. Brush Set

4. Fall Eyeshadow Palette

5. Rainbow Eyeshadow Palette

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